Hi, I'm Maria and I work remotely as a Freelance Frontend Developer based in Cincinnati, OH. I specialize in...

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I collaborate with small businesses and digital agencies to launch projects with the best practices in accessibility, responsive design, and maintainable code standards. I can help you…

Build Speedy Jamstack Sites

Jamstack is a methodology of building static websites that are fast, secure, and inexpensive to host. I frequently work on projects built with Static Site Generators like Gatsby and Nuxt, and with Headless CMS’s like Dato and Contentful.

Improve Accessibility

I’m extremely passionate about making the web accessible for all. I can help you upgrade your site to meet W3C’s WCAG standards for Accessibility. Reach more customers and improve your SEO!

Create React Applications

I help clients build, maintain, and debug web apps built in React. I focus on frontend development and can build consumer-facing and B2B sites from the ground up.

Services I Offer

High Quality Websites

All projects begin with a kick-off discovery session to understand the client’s vision, timeline, and business objectives. My goal is to deliver modern, high quality websites that help businesses grow.

Code Clean Up

Need help refactoring an existing code base? I see development bugs as interesting puzzles to solve and love finding elegant solutions to technical problems.

Polyglot Development

Freelancing has allowed me to collaborate with teams on a wide variety of technologies, languages, and frameworks. I can easily get up to speed on new projects when your company's workload gets overwhelming.

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