Ikea RFID Experience

Digital Shopping List & Wayfinding Concept

IKEA RFID Experience Banner

About This Project

This project rethinks the IKEA shopping experience with an RFID shopping list and improved in-store navigation. This was a collaborative project with classmate Matt Denzer.

Demonstrated Skills
User Research
UX Artchitecture
Motion Graphics

Spacial Analysis

This presentation hows our observations of the current shopping experience and calls out suggestions for improvement.

Design Concept

In the re-imagined experience, shoppers use RFID scanners to create a list of items they’d like to purchase. They can quickly add and remove items to the device and use kiosks throughout the store to compare the products they've scanned.

When shoppers arrive in the self-serve warehouse, the scanner changes to a wayfinding device that points to the exact location of each item on the list.

Once all of the items are checked off, the device transfers the list of items in the cart to the checkout kiosks. Customers and employees don't have to scan each again.

Final Concept & Case Studies

This video shows the features of the IKEA RFID Scanner and highlights two distinct case studies – In the first, the shopper is look for a specific product and wants to quickly get to that department to compare styles. In the second, the shopper plans to browse and get design ideas for a new kitchen. Both shoppers use the RFID scanner to improve their shopping experience.