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Guitar Practice Log is a web app that tracks skill progress and displays song details. The 1 Minute Chord Changes section logs finger exercises and charts progress over time. The Song List section displays song chords and strumming patterns.

Guitar Practice Log is an ongoing project. View this project’s progress on GitHub and the GitHub Project Wiki.

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Project Sections

One Minute Chord Changes

Chord Changes are a finger exercise that builds muscle memory and increases speed. The goal is to switch between two chords as fast as possible for sixty seconds.

This section of the app includes a JavaScript timer and the ability to track progress. Users save the number of changes changes for each chord group and view trendlines that show progress over time.

Song Notes

This section displays song chords and strumming patterns. It's meant to be a quick guide rather tahn true guitar tabs. The song list and detail views are built and transitioned using JavaScript and JSON.

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